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SJ Power Washing

SJ Power Washing

Woodbridge, Va., is near Washington, D.C., but it can feel like a world away. It combines urban sophistication with stunning parks and preserves along the Potomac.

For sure, Woodbridge is a beautiful place, but houses here don’t always look their radiant best. Dirt and grime are constant nuisances.

Luckily, power washing can get rid of contaminants and make homes sparkle once more.

Weather, Filth and Power Washing

Woodbridge enjoys a mild climate, but its summers are becoming more humid. Humidity helps mold and mildew growth. Plus, each year, the area gets about 18 inches of snow. When it melts, it leaves plenty of dirt in its wake. Not to mention, rainstorms spread leaves and sludge across roofs.

Power washing can reverse the curse of grime and muck. It’s ideal for driveways, garages, patios, decks, and roofs. It thoroughly cleans every crevice, no matter how small.

This process also gets rid of spiders and insects, and it removes fungi. Thus, it’s good for the residents’ health.

In addition, power washing is an important initial step whenever you’re staining, sealing or otherwise refurbishing an outdoor surface.

You can power wash at almost any time. However, a spring day may be the best. It’s far from the days of falling autumn leaves and winter snowstorms, so your home will gleam in the sun longer.

Leave It to the Pros

There’s a reason this technique is called “power washing.” The machines are extremely powerful. It would be easy for the stream to slip out of control and damage your property. Worse, you could injure yourself.

What’s more, optimal results require expertise. Seasoned pros know which cleaning liquids are the most effective in every situation. They also know exactly how much pressure to use on different materials.

SJ Contractor Services does power washing right. Its employees are committed, caring and friendly. They have deep knowledge and extensive experience, and they’ve lived in the region for years. You can count on them as you would your friends and neighbors.

With affordable prices, top-notch equipment, and customizable solutions, SJ Contractor can make your Woodbridge home look like new!

Five Star

Stanley was very knowledgeable and gave good professional advice. The pricing was fair and was very affordable.

Laney Robinson

His work ethics and hard work paid off, the deck is beautiful! I was very impressed with the professionalism, immediate response and work ethics of this company. From initial contact to job completed was a day. I will not hesitate to use this company again!

Tammy Crouch

SJ Contractor Services is great! I got my job scheduled the day I requested my quote. Very professional service, high quality work, fair pricing (paid exactly what I was quoted for) and we will definitely be calling back for more items on our to-do list! Recommended for any job, large or small.

Lisa Beach

Great service. Great work. On time every day. Fastidious about doing the job right. Completely cleaned up when job was finished. Will use SJ next time we have a home project!

Susan Beach

Stanley was extremely professional and accommodated my last minute request. I requested shutter work and he responded quickly. I would definitely recommend this company.

Jeanette Davis

My neighbors used this company to have their shutters installed and I was very impressed with the results I had to give them a call for myself. Stanley came out with his guys and got my shutters installed and cleaned my gutters on the same day!

America Ruiz Leon

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“Just like new” will always be a hallmark of your property when you trust SJ Contractor Services. Expect the best… and prepare for even better!

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