Case Study: House Washing

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Case Study: House Washing

Our client loved so many things about the place they called home: the neighborhood, their landscaping, their floor plan, their quiet street…

There is just one catch. Their dull home exterior was putting a serious damper on their property’s curb appeal. The owners loved their home – but it felt like it was hidden behind a layer of grime and stains. And they needed help.

The Issue: Eyesores vs. Siding

Our southern climate was taking a toll on our client’s home. The temperate weather created ideal conditions for a lot of the elements that you don’t want on your property – and those eyesores were most visible on the client’s home exterior. They were dealing with:

  • Mold
    Black clusters were blooming all over the client’s siding – especially in areas that had high shade coverage. The clients were worried that the eyesore was going to creep into their interior. And they were ready to deal with the health issues associated with a mold problem.
  • Algae
    The telltale green film was creating a coating over siding, making it look careworn and neglected.
  • Dirt and pollen
    From afar, the client’s siding looked dull. Up close, it just looked downright dirty. This was due to buildup from dust, dirt, and other particulate matter in the air.

The Solution: A Soft Washing Service

When we arrived at the client’s property, we saw a challenge. But more importantly, we saw a challenge with a solution. Our team applied our soft washing service to restore the home exterior to that bright, shiny, “just like new” aesthetic. This included:

  • Advanced soft washing equipment
    Our technology uses a low PSI to carefully and safely clean the affected area. It delivers a deep clean without exposing the siding to too much pressure.
  • Special cleaning products
    We don’t just remove eyesores. We also kill the spores that contribute to mold and algae issues. As a result, you get quality that lasts for longer.

With our dedicated staff on the job, the client’s home exterior wasn’t just cleaner. It truly looked like a brand new home. Our clients were happy – and their property was, too!

Five Star

Stanley was very knowledgeable and gave good professional advice. The pricing was fair and was very affordable.

Laney Robinson

His work ethics and hard work paid off, the deck is beautiful! I was very impressed with the professionalism, immediate response and work ethics of this company. From initial contact to job completed was a day. I will not hesitate to use this company again!

Tammy Crouch

SJ Contractor Services is great! I got my job scheduled the day I requested my quote. Very professional service, high quality work, fair pricing (paid exactly what I was quoted for) and we will definitely be calling back for more items on our to-do list! Recommended for any job, large or small.

Lisa Beach

Great service. Great work. On time every day. Fastidious about doing the job right. Completely cleaned up when job was finished. Will use SJ next time we have a home project!

Susan Beach

Stanley was extremely professional and accommodated my last minute request. I requested shutter work and he responded quickly. I would definitely recommend this company.

Jeanette Davis

My neighbors used this company to have their shutters installed and I was very impressed with the results I had to give them a call for myself. Stanley came out with his guys and got my shutters installed and cleaned my gutters on the same day!

America Ruiz Leon

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