Concrete Cleaning SJ Contractor ServiceYou know when you spill something on your shirt, and the resulting stain distracts you for the rest of the day? That’s how our client felt about their driveway. It was an eyesore – and it was driving them crazy.

The Issue: An Eyesore of a Driveway

Life happens – and it happens to your driveway, too. This is what our clients were grappling with. Even though their property was well-maintained, their hardscapes just looked careworn. They needed a pick-me-up, and it wasn’t going to happen by itself.

Our clients got in touch with the SJ Contractor Services team with a few specific issues connected to their driveway. They were particularly frustrated by the following:

  • Vehicle leaks
    Our client’s vehicle had a few issues. They brought it to the mechanic… but unfortunately it had already made its mark on their driveway.
  • Dirt and particulate matter
    The great outdoors made their mark on our client’s driveway. As a result, the surface looked dirty, dull and distinctly not curb appeal ready.
  • Streaks
    Sometimes, exposure to the elements can result in abnormal streaking and discoloration. Such was the case with our client’s driveway – it looked patchy.

The Solution: A Deep Clean

Our clients needed a complete overhaul for their driveway – and our team was there to help. We turned to our advanced pressure washing equipment to get the job done, which offers superior quality in:

  • Stain removal
    Our cleaning products break down even the toughest buildup, while our pressure washing equipment washes it away for good.
  • Deep cleaning power
    Debris can stick around. But it has no chance when our pressure washing team is on the job.
  • Long-lasting results
    We don’t deliver fleeting quality. Instead, we provide superior care that positions your property for long-term benefits.

Now, our clients no longer feel frustrated by their driveway. Instead, they feel proud every time they pull up to their home. And they feel secure knowing those results are built to last.