3 Spring Cleaning Tips

Gutter Guards

raindrop Installer

Raindrop Gutter Guards Can Protect Your Home From Damage Getting your gutters cleaned during the fall can prevent clogs that damaged homes during the winter. While you get your gutters cleaned, you can have Raindrop Gutter Guards added for more protection. By having our team of professionals install your Raindrop Gutter Guards, you will know that…

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No Hassle Shutter Installation

Are you seeking exterior shutter installation but don’t want to spend too much time meeting with companies or don’t want to wait for installation? SJ Contractor Services, LLC just might be the perfect company to cater to your needs. That said, let’s take a closer look at what it means to have your exterior shutters…

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Soft Washing Versus Power Washing

We like to think of our company as a toolkit. Every property is unique, after all – and make sure we have all the tools to meet those needs. Power washing and soft washing are two of the tools we use most. But although these services share a similar name, the application is actually quite…

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Case Study: Window Cleaning

Your windows might seem unassuming, but don’t let them fool you. They take center stage in your property – and if they aren’t clean, they drag your entire home down with them.  The Issue: Compromising Your Home Inside and Out Windows present a unique challenge to your property. While some elements of your property  –…

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Homes Sell Faster with Clean Windows

You’re ready to put your home on the market. But is it ready to sell? There are a few simple things you can do to invest in your property, and our team is here to help. First order of business is window cleaning, the solution that makes your home shine, inside and outside. When Clean…

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Case Study: Driveway Cleaning

You know when you spill something on your shirt, and the resulting stain distracts you for the rest of the day? That’s how our client felt about their driveway. It was an eyesore – and it was driving them crazy. The Issue: An Eyesore of a Driveway Life happens – and it happens to your…

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Driveway Cleaning: Safety and Curb Appeal Combine

A slip-and-fall accident is never a welcome surprise. But when you don’t have a concrete cleaning plan in place for your property, it’s a looming risk. The alternative is – luckily – a simple one. SJ Contractor Services will help you put a pressure washing service in place that will protect your property, your loved ones,…

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Case Study: House Washing

SJ Contractor leading the way with Gutter Installation.

Our client loved so many things about the place they called home: the neighborhood, their landscaping, their floor plan, their quiet street… There is just one catch. Their dull home exterior was putting a serious damper on their property’s curb appeal. The owners loved their home – but it felt like it was hidden behind…

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3 Spring Cleaning Tips

We can finally celebrate the end of winter and the official start of spring. And with the sunny weather, the warmer temperatures, and the longer days comes the potential for a whole new batch of home improvement projects. 3 Projects that Will Refresh Your Property But here’s the catch. Do you really want to spend…

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