3 Spring Cleaning Tips

3 Spring Cleaning Tips

We can finally celebrate the end of winter and the official start of spring. And with the sunny weather, the warmer temperatures, and the longer days comes the potential for a whole new batch of home improvement projects.

3 Projects that Will Refresh Your Property

But here’s the catch. Do you really want to spend all your precious time off attending to your property? We didn’t think so. Instead of creating a mile-long list, make some priorities. Try these out:

  • Give your landscaping a facelift
    One of the best ways to invest in your property is through your landscaping. Whether this entails weeding existing plots or planting new flowers is your call – but the result will make your exterior picture-perfect.
  • Make your home exterior shine
    A house washing project is one of the best ways to make your curb appeal stand tall. Our professionals offer a cost effective soft washing service that is safe for your exterior, transformatively effective, and convenient for you.
  • Fix that “one thing”
    Is there something that makes you grimace every time you think of your home? Maybe it’s scuff marks on the front stairs, or maybe it’s a rusty mailbox. No matter what the source, address it. And celebrate the small wins.

SJ Contractor Services supports your spring cleaning goals with our house washing service. With our professionals by your side, your home is ready to put its best foot forward this season!

Expect the best… and prepare for even better!

“Just like new” will always be a hallmark of your property when you trust SJ Contractor Services. Expect the best… and prepare for even better!

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